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 The Department of Occupational Therapy [OT] at Manipal College of Allied Health Sciences [MCOAHS], Manipal University [MU] is a premiere centre in the country both in terms of imparting OT education and offering OT clinical services.

The Occupational Therapy Department at Manipal was established in the year 1972 under the Department of Orthopedics in Kasturba Hospital, as a small clinical unit offering occupational therapy services. It was in September 1994, the Department started with 4½ year full time program in Bachelor of Occupational Therapy under Kasturba Medical College. Then in the year 1999 the academic program of the Department shifted to Manipal College of Allied Health Sciences.

The Department also conducts Masters of Occupational Therapy Program (two year, full time, post professional, advanced level, clinic based and with Dissertation program in different specialty), which started in September 2002.Manipal University has also started with part time post master’s PhD Program for in-service candidates and shortly would be starting with full time PhD Programs. This is the first centre in India offering facility for higher qualifications. Besides this we also offer short term Certificate Course in Hand Splinting, the first of its kind in India, since 2008.

The integrated education and clinical practice is the hallmark of this institute. The academic program is designed in such a way that the students can pursue their clinical practice and academic know-how in context with the social fabric both nationally and internationally. Within these few years of the Programs been started our students are not only doting various part of the country but also various international destinations.

Years of excellence in clinical practice, Occupational Therapy Department has redefined the practice of occupational therapy. The Occupational Therapists at Manipal are competent faculty and astute clinicians. The clinical facility of OT Dept. is located within the 2050 bedded multi-specialty Kasturba Hospital [University Hospital] offering tremendous clinical resources both in the form of inpatients & outpatients. It has developed specialized areas of clinical practice: neuro- rehabilitation. child habilitation, mental health rehabilitation, orthopedic rehabilitation, ADL unit, work rehabilitation unit, standard assessment lab, hand splinting and instrumentation workshop.

The Dept. of Occupational Therapy has also been associating with other countries to upgrade their OT qualification. Currently we are working with Nigerian OT’s [from Federal School of Occupational Therapy, Lagos, Nigeria] and Srilankan OT’s to upgrade their academic qualification and are looking forward to do the same for other countries as well.

The Dept. of Occupational Therapy is the hub for clinical placement in India, students from different institutes in India and world over come here to get a clinical exposure. The campus offers a very safe, secure and cosmopolitan ambience. It also offers the international students a great opportunity to interact Indian OT academics, clinicians and graduate & post graduate OT students. We have students coming from:
1.     Mcgill University, Canada.
2.     Curtin University, Australia.
3.     University of British Columbia, Canada.
4.     University of Allgemeines Krankenhaus, Austria.
5.     PEZ Technical College, Germany.
6.     University of Oslo, Norway.
7.     University of Northern Denmark, Denmark.
8.     Bournemouth University, UK.
9.    National Institute of Health and Social Studies, Seychelles

Our Programs are World Federation of Occupational Therapy recognized and certified by ISO 9001:2000.

Our Alumni are successfully placed all over the globe.

The OT education programs are affiliated to Manipal University, a brand name in education in the country; it is an international university with students from 55 countries study here under one single roof creating a rich cultural dynamics worth experiencing. It offers complete residential facility, safe and clean environment, provides with hostel facility and health care facility, great library and internet facility, excellent telecommunication facility, wonderful learning and clinical facility.

The Dept. of OT has been involved in some of the international collaborative initiative-  WFOT Project on Guiding Principles on Diversity and Culture, and Global History of OT; WHO Project on ICF Core Sets.

We are a relatively young OT School at the age of 15 years, but have full faith in our potential and understand our limitations. We aim to become one of the world’s leading Occupational Therapy centre.

The article on is the testimony of our committed endeavor. 
Dr. Kit Sinclair (immediate past president of WFOT) with the staff & students of OT Dept., Manipal (Jan, 2012)

Shovan Saha       
Associate Professor & Head
Dept. of Occupational Therapy,
Manipal College of Allied Health Sciences
Manipal University, Manipal, Udupi-576104, Karnataka, India.

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