Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Occupational Therapists Post At Communication DEALL (Mumbai)

JOB VACANCY Kind Attention: Occupational Therapists
Where: At Communication DEALL (Mumbai), second floor Laud Mansion, opp. Charni Road Railway Station (East) Mumbai 400004
What: Is Com DEALL? An early intervention program for children with communication disorders such as ASD, SLI, PDD NOS and Developmental Dyspraxia. There are two batches. In the mornings we run the functional skills batch and in the afternoons the mainstreaming batch. This is a preschool intervention program for children below 6 years of age.
When: for the session starting June2013
Who can apply? Bachelor’s/Master’s in OTR
What are the working hours: Currently we have a part time vacancy for our 9AM TO 11AM batch. (Full time: 9am to 5 pm, part time Spots: 9am to 1115am, 1115 am to 130pm and 130pm to 430pm)
Why should I join? : ComDEALL is an indigenous program developed by a SLP. (Dr.Pratibha Karanth) .The focus of the program is on communication skills and mainstreaming the child/developing functional skills depending upon the batch. The program provides an excellent exposure to multidisciplinary team work, documentation and therapy of a high quality with a strict emphasis on accountability. Clinician’s in the program will experience the joy of seeing significant changes in children and families they work with. They will also receive a lot of in house training at par with the best practices the world over.
What is the Otist Role?
·         Assessment of gross motor, fine motor skills, ADL, Motor imitation.
·         Sensory Profiling
·         Planning ,executing and monitoring remediation
·         Liasoning with the SLP,educator ,parents to understand the complete profile
·         Empowering parents to help their children.
·         Participating in the planning and remediation of social skills development.
·         Assess and train the child Pre Learning Behaviors
·         Writing up progress reports and interprofessional communication with other professionals
Opportunity for Growth
·         Therapists would work with some of the best in the field, providing a rich stimulating atmosphere

·         Therapists completing three years as team leader will be eligible for certification as Team Leader, ComDEALL. This certification allows them to run a unit independently and they may also set up their own unit should they wish to.
More on the program at
 Reference on the unit: Speak to our outgoing OTist,
Ms.Janhavi Kutmutia :  +919819779601.
Who to contact:   Kunjan Sanghvi, Team Leader at +919820854769,+2265076695,

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