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Occupational Therapy vacancy In Mumbai

Niramay Guidance clinic is a multi-disciplinary team dedicated to help children in all areas of growth and development. The guidance clinic has three centres in Mumbai and Navi mumbai (kharghar, Vashi and chembur). The clinic has over 25 therapists and psychologists working with children and adults. The team is also supported by Psychiatrists.

 Niramay Guidance clinic invites applications from Occupational Therapists for OT post.
Contact person :  Sunita, Dr. Anjana thadhani. 
Contact No:  022252056959820304802.


Occupational Therapy Post in ADAPT Mumbai

Vacancies – Occupational Therapist & Psychologist

ADAPT (formerly the Spastics Society of India), a non-profit organisation in Mumbai, working in the disability sector for over 37 years, is looking to hire an Occupational Therapist and a Psychologist.

• Evaluation of all children at ADAPT.
• Providing intervention for all children at ADAPT.
• Coordinating management with the interdisciplinary team (comprising social workers, teachers, speech therapists etc).
• Participating actively in fundraising and awareness programmes.

Educational Qualifications
Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

Please email your CV mentioning the post you are applying for to Ms Shahana Chatterjee:
(only Mumbai-based candidates can be considered)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

2 Day Workshop on Handwriting Training Bandra West, Mumbai

ADAPT (formerly The Spastics Society of India)
in partnership with 
Multi-Agency International Training and Support (MAITS)
Present a
2 Day Workshop on
Handwriting Training

By Vicky Ruffle
Consultant Occupational Therapist
(BSc Hons, BAOT)


The building blocks for handwriting are often over looked and, therefore, we expect children to write before they have developed the necessary pre-requisites.  This training looks at the pre-requisites a child needs to acquire before they can consolidate handwriting skills and provides fun ideas to help a child’s development in gaining these skills before and during handwriting.  A number of approaches will be discussed include Handwriting Without Tears.  Issues relating to children’s communication skills will also be explored. 
This workshop is applicable to Occupational Therapists working with child up to the approximate age of 8 years who are continually struggling to develop this skill. 

By the end of the course you will: 
§  Be knowledgeable of the developmental stages of handwriting
§  Be able to identify and support a child who is struggling in learning handwriting.
§  Be able to design programmes with fun ideas and activities to support children to develop handwriting.
§  Be able to provide training to others (eg. parents and teachers) to support the development of children's handwriting in everyday handwriting tasks.

Seats available: 30 per course
Date: 27th / 28th July 2011
Time: 9am to 5pm (total contact hours:14)
Venue: ADAPT Centre, K.C. Marg, Bandra Reclamation, Bandra West, Mumbai -50
Fees: Rs. 3000 (inclusive of tea, lunch, handouts and reading material)
Please submit your completed registration form with a copy of your passing certificate and fees at:
ADAPT (formerly The Spastics Society of India), K C Marg, Bandra Reclamation, Bandra (W), Mumbai – 4000 050.
Any cheques should be drawn in the name of ‘ADAPT” payable at Mumbai.



Vicky Ruffle: Consultant Occupational Therapist, Founder of Jigsaw Occupational Therapy for children and young people
Vicky Ruffle graduated from the University of Southampton in 2011 with a BSc Hons in Occupational Therapy.  Since graduation she has worked with children and young people experiencing a wide array of profound and multiple disabilities including Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Sensory processing disorders, acquired brain injuries, motor incoordination difficulties and learning disabilities.  Vicky is trained in Bobath and has post graduate qualifications in Sensory Integration and Augmentative and Alternative Communication.  Vicky provides effective and personalized therapy specifically designed around each individual child and young person’s needs and trains school staff, parents and carers in supporting the child.  In addition to her clinical work, Vicky is a visiting lecturer to Occupational Therapy students at the University of Brighton.

For more information or to reserve a place on the training, please contact Sadia Mirza on or Sonali Jagtap on
Tel No.: 26443666

Registration Form

NAME            :___________________________________________________________

TEL. Number: ________

Contact Address: _____________________________________________________________

E-MAIL ADDRESS:______________________________________________________

QUALIFICATION :______________________YEAR OF PASSING:_____________

WORK EXPERIENC:____________________________________________________

CURRENTLY WORK AT:________________________________________________


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Occupational Therapy In Bengali News Paper

This article published in Bengali News paper Occupational Therapy as carrier for science stream 10+ 2 student    . Information courtesy K.C. Sau and Somnath Pahar 

Sunday, June 26, 2011

8th international Ambilympics Seoul 2011

8th international abilympics seoul 2011

The first International Abilympics was held to celebrate 'The United Nations International Year of Disabled Persons.'
The Republic of Korea will demonstrate to the world it's highly excellent skills & technology that benefits persons with disabilities by endlessly challenging the contestants of the International Abilympics!
"Abilympics" is the combined word of "Ability" and "Olympics". It is used as the name of the skills competition for persons with disabilities.

In 1981, the first International Abilympics was organized in Japan to improve vocational skills, boost motivation to participate in socio-economic activities, and to promote stability by accelerating the employment rate of persons with disabilities. Since then, IA has been held every 4 years in various countries. The 8th IA is scheduled to be held in Korea this year!
  • To promote self-reliance and improve skills of persons with disabilities.
  • To increase recognition of vocational competency and participation in socio-economic activities of persons with disabilities.
  • To support full participation of persons with disabilities in socio-economic activities.
  • To promote international exchange and friendship among participants.

Host Organization
  • Organizer:8th International Abilympics Seoul 2011 Organizing Committee
  • Joint Auspices:Minister of Employment & Labor, Seoul Metropolitan Government, International Abilympic Federation (IAF), Rehabilitation International (RI)

For More information please visit :

Friday, June 24, 2011

Admission Notice for Master of Occupational Therapy AIIPMR, Mumbai.

Government of India
Ministry of Health and Family  Welfare
Haji Ali Park, K. Khadye Marg, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai - 400 034.
Applications are invited from All candidates for admission to the following courses for the academic year 2011-12

Name of the Course Eligibility

Master of Occupational Therapy
 The course is open for Occupational Therapists holding Bachelors degree in Occupational Therapy
 from a University other than Distance Education and Agricultural University with completion of Six
months compulsory Internship
 Date of completion of Internship – On or before 31.7.2011
 The candidate must be an Indian National
Diploma In Rehabilitation Occupational
Diploma In Rehabilitation Physiotherapy
 Course is open for Only For Women Candidates  who have passed Bachelors degree in Occupational Therapy/ Physiotherapy
respectively  from a University other than Distance Education and Agricultural University with completion of Six months
compulsory Internship
 Date of completion of Internship – On or before 31.7.2011
 The candidate must be an Indian National 

Information and other details are available on Institute website
1)Online application can be done through the website and print out of  Duly filled in forms to be forwarded to Institute along
    with Processing fees and  application form fee and attested mandatory certificates.
2)Can be obtained between 9.00 a.m. to 01.00 p.m. from Monday to Friday from Academic Section, (Room No. 214, 2nd floor) of this Institute against Application form/ Prospectus  
3) If required by Registered post; enclose application form /Prospectus   fee and self addressed envelope of size 30cms. x 25 cms (A4 size) fixing postage stamp of   Rs.  60/-
   Superscribed as “Application for _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ course 2011”
4) Form can also be downloaded from Institute website Duly filled in forms can be forwarded to Institute along  with Processing
    fees and application form/Prospectus   fee in the form of Demand Draft .
PROCESSING FEES- Rs.  500/- For SC/ST Candidates processing fee relaxed to Rs. 400/- in the form of Demand Draft.
APPLICATION FORM/ PROSPECTUS FEE –  Rs.  150/- for each course

The Protection of Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill 2011 Objects and Reasons

Part I:  Preliminary                                                     
·        Extent
·        Enforcement
·        Purpose
·        Definitions
·        Guiding Principles for Implementation and Interpretation

Part  II: Rights & Entitlements                                                                
·        Equality and Non discrimination
·        Pro-active Interventions for Persons with Disability with increased vulnerability. 
·        Women with Disabilities
·        Children with Disabilities
·        Right  to Equal Recognition before the Law
·        Right to life
·        Right to Liberty
·        Right to Live in the Community
·        Right to Integrity
·        Right to be Protected against Violence Abuse and Exploitation
·        Situations of Risk and Humanitarian Emergencies
·        Right to Home and Family
·        Right to Privacy
·        Freedom of Speech and Expression
·        Right to Exercise Franchise, Stand for Election and Hold Public Office
·        Access to Justice
·        Right to Education
·        Right to Work and Employment
·        Right to Social Security
·        Right to Health
·        Right to Habilitation and Rehabilitation
·        Right to Leisure Culture and Recreation
·        Right to Sports

Part III: Powers, Duties and Responsibilities
·        Awareness Raising
·        Accessibility
·        Human Resource Development
·        Disability Cell
·        Disability Audit
·        Power to Amend Schedule
·        Disability Certificate                             

Part  IV:  Regulatory and Monitoring Authorities

·        National Disability Rights Authority
·        State Disability Rights Authority

Part V:        Grievance Redressal

·        District Disability Rights Tribunal
·        State Disability Rights Tribunal
·        National Disability Rights Tribunal

Part VI:       Offences and Penalties

·        Cognizance of Offences
·        Offences by establishments
·        General penalty for offences
·        Penalty for contravention of Section 4K
·        Penalty for contravention of Section 4I
·        Penalty for contravention of Section 4J
·        Penalty for fraudulently availing benefit meant for persons with disabilities
·        Punishment for contravention of Section 10 (3)
·        Penalty for contravention of Section 20 (8)(ii) and Section 7F(2)
·        Penalty for forceful termination of pregnancy
·        Punishment for contravention of Section 20(11)
·        Penalty for contravention of Section 26
·        Penalty for Hate Speech
·        Penalty for fraudulently availing benefit meant for persons with disabilities
·        Penalty for Fraudulent or Wilful Misstatement
·        Penalty for Failure to Furnish Information
·        Penalty for Failure to Comply with Directions

Part VII :    Miscellaneous
·        Effect of this Act on Other Laws
·        Action taken in good faith
·        Provision for mandatory review
·        Removal of Difficulties
·        Power of Central Government to make rules
·        Power of the State Government to make rules
·        Power to make Regulations
·        Repeal and Saving


Government of India
Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
 Applications are invited for the National Awards for the Empowerment of
Persons with Disabilities under each of the following categories:-
(i) Best Employees/Self-employed with disabilities;
(ii) Best Employers and Placement Officer/Agency;
(iii) Best Individual (including professional) and Best Institution working for
the cause of persons with disabilities;
(iv) Role Model Awards;
(v) Best Applied Research/Innovation/Product Development aimed at
improving the life of persons with disabilities;
(vi) Outstanding Work in Creation of Barrier-free Environment for the
persons with disabilities;
(vii) Best District in providing rehabilitation services;
(viii) Best Local Level Committee of the National Trust for Welfare of
Persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple
(ix) Best State Channelising Agency  of the National Handicapped Finance
and Development Corporation;
(x) Outstanding Creative Adult with disabilities;
(xi) Best Creative Child with disabilities;
(xii)  Best Braille Press; and
(xiii) Best Accessible Website.

For Details please visit :

Occupational Therapy job In USA

Hello Everyone,
This is email is to request everyone to share it with your friends.
My Pediatric Therapy Clinic is looking to hire a full time occupational and a speech therapist in Virginia, USA. We provide OT, PT, SLP, Psychology, ABA, dance and music therapy, assistive technology, all under one roof.
Astronaut training, Therapeutic Listening, Yoga, Metronome Therapy, Sensory Integration, Neurofeedback, Handwriting are some of our specialized programs. We service children of all ages.
We are looking for new grads/therapists who have cleared or are in the process of clearing the licensing exams for OT & ST. and have interest in working in pediatrics.

Kindly respond with your resume via email/Fax to:
Sensational Kidz Therapy Services
Fax: 651-436-0283 (USA)

This information received by Email from :

Dr. Kavita Arora
Sensational Kidz Therapy Services
Virginia, USA

Call For Scientific paper for 9th COTEC Congress , May 2012

COTEC (Council of Occupational Therapists in the European Countries) Congress of Occupational Therapy, May 2012, Stockholm Sweden .The Programme Committee invites abstract proposals for this exciting congress. The congress will
provide a forum for the sharing of ideas, presentation of research, development and pedagogical projects, and discussion of professional issues relevant to the practice of occupational therapy. Participants will have opportunities to update knowledge of the
profession, the chance to network and to learn from each other as well as exhibitors.
You can choose between these presentation forms:
Oral presentation: limited to 20 minutes including 5 minutes for discussions, guided by a moderator.
Workshop: limited to 1 hour.
Poster presentation: with a 5 minutes presentation Guided by a moderator. Posters will be displayed for one day each, Thursday-Saturday.
The presentations will be grouped by topics.
Using the on-line abstract submission form you will be able to select a topic category that best fits your submission.
All presentations should be held in English.

For More details Please Visit :

9th COTES Congress Of Occupational Therapy

COTEC (Council of Occupational Therapists in the European Countries) Congress of Occupational Therapy, May 2012, Stockholm Sweden.

For Details please visit :

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Occupational Therapy Post in Rajasthan

Position: Occupational Therapist

Organization: Dr. Shroff's Charity Eye Hospital

Posting : Alwar & Malakhera ( alwar distt Rajasthan)

Age: 22 to 27 years

Academic Qualification: degree/ diploma in Occupational Therapy

Experience required : 1-3 years

Remuneration shall commence according to the qualifications and experience and shall be competitive

Kindly send your updated resume to .for detailed information you may contact Mr. Harish Kumar @ 09278874390

Occupational Therapy Post in Pune

Position: Occupational Therapist

Company Name: Aditya Birla management corporation India pvt Ltd.

Posting: Pune

Academic Qualification: Bachelors or Masters Of Occupational Therapy

Experience Requred : 0 to 2 years

Role: Carrying out day to day activities of the Department Patient Assessment and Treatment.

Contact  Bharti on 020-30717658 for your appointment

Call for scientific paper for The 1st World Congress On healthy Ageing 2012 Instructions for Abstract Submission

The Scientific Committee invites authors to submit abstracts for oral or poster presentation at the WCHA. 

Deadline for submissions is 15th September 2011.

The Scientific Committee official acceptance of the paper will be sent by 31 December 2011.

For convenience 5 themes have been identified for the submission of abstract proposals.
Biological sciences, Issues related to physical health and ageing
Mental, psychological, psychiatric and behavioural health
Spirituality and ageing
Social sciences, community practices
Future Medicine
Advances in medical technology

Before submitting your paper, please ensure you have carefully read the guidelines
General Guidelines for Submission of abstracts
  Abstract submission is FREE OF CHARGE.
  Each first Author can send a maximum of 2 papers.
  Awards will be given for the best free paper presentation and best poster.
  Abstracts should be original work. Only abstracts submitted in English will be reviewed.
  Abstract must be submitted on-line via
  No faxed abstracts will be accepted.
  Abstracts successfully submitted will be reviewed by experts in the selected category
  The submission of an abstract constitutes a formal commitment by the presenting Author to present the abstract (if accepted) orally or as a poster in the session and at the time assigned by the WCHA Scientific Committee. We therefore recommend that submitters of abstracts register for the Congress simultaneously with abstract submission.
  All presenters will be required to register for the Congress and pay the registration fee.
  Please be informed that Presenters of accepted papers can register to the Congress according to EARLY REGISTRATION FEE - SPECIAL DISCOUNTED FEE.