Sunday, June 26, 2011

8th international Ambilympics Seoul 2011

8th international abilympics seoul 2011

The first International Abilympics was held to celebrate 'The United Nations International Year of Disabled Persons.'
The Republic of Korea will demonstrate to the world it's highly excellent skills & technology that benefits persons with disabilities by endlessly challenging the contestants of the International Abilympics!
"Abilympics" is the combined word of "Ability" and "Olympics". It is used as the name of the skills competition for persons with disabilities.

In 1981, the first International Abilympics was organized in Japan to improve vocational skills, boost motivation to participate in socio-economic activities, and to promote stability by accelerating the employment rate of persons with disabilities. Since then, IA has been held every 4 years in various countries. The 8th IA is scheduled to be held in Korea this year!
  • To promote self-reliance and improve skills of persons with disabilities.
  • To increase recognition of vocational competency and participation in socio-economic activities of persons with disabilities.
  • To support full participation of persons with disabilities in socio-economic activities.
  • To promote international exchange and friendship among participants.

Host Organization
  • Organizer:8th International Abilympics Seoul 2011 Organizing Committee
  • Joint Auspices:Minister of Employment & Labor, Seoul Metropolitan Government, International Abilympic Federation (IAF), Rehabilitation International (RI)

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