Saturday, August 13, 2011

Anniversary of This BLOG

In 13th august 2009 I started this BLOG today its completed 2 years .Today is 3rd birthday of this blog. I want to share few facts about this blog with you all who are the well wisher and supporter and follower of that blog.
I remember first follower of that blog was PM (still date I don’t know her name). Now 185 people are following (according to blog follower list).
In 2011 it already crossed 100 posts.
This year I started a face book group in same name to provide small update about BLOG post and many more.
Now professional from 64 countries are visiting this blog. According to Blog statistic professional visited this site 21917 times and it’s quite encouraging for me.
In this occasion I want to say thank you to all contributor of this blog .
Email: Mo: 07760064744 

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