Friday, January 28, 2011

Felicitation for an Occupational Therapist

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Dr. K. Naresh Babu M.O.T.(Neuro)., MSc.(Psy)., Senior Occupational Therapist, Fomento Resources, Goa. I am sharing my Felicitation Award for "Excellent Contribution Towards the Welfare of Special Children" by Goa Citizens Welfare Trust held on 26th January 2011.

I came to Goa in 2007 and i am the first Pediatric Occupational Therapist and first to implement Sensory Integration Therapy in Goa at free of Cost through our company. I thought still more awareness needed for occupational therapy at that time. So that I started my volunteer services in special schools and a regular schools with the concept of Inclusive education in Goa. I concentrated mainly on South Goa because North Goa has many facilities and awareness about rehabilitation because of great developmental pediatricians and Government Medical College available over there. 

Though I spend only 31/2 years in Goa through our company we given 16 Hearing Aids and 6 wheelchairs to special children who are living in a remote area where many basic facilities are not met. The Goa Citizens Welfare Trust is a non-profit organization who identifies and motivate the citizens of Goa who does dedicated services to the people of Goa. 

I am the first been felicitated by them who is from Tamilnadu, Chennai.

Though i think this is one step forward for our professional (Occupational Therapy) recognition in Goa. Now we are 6 Occupational Therapist working in Goa. I hope this will be attractive for many young Occupational Therapist to come and make services in Goa. They will be watched by these people and good recognition and respect will be obtained in a very short period of time like me. Instead of flying outside we can serve any part of our country and be pride to serve for our people of India. Happy Republic Day 2011.

Thanks for all my parents, my teachers, my professors, my professional leaders/legends, seniors, juniors and students of our profession and many supportive people who shaped me and roll model for me to remain in this profession to reach this level.

I will try my best to keep up my work without any expectation.

Thank you,

Dr. K. Naresh Babu M.O.T. (Neuro)., MSc.(Psy).,
Senior Occupational Therapist, Fomento Resources,
Mob: +91-9881121840.

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