Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Occupational Therapy Post available at Play Street, Bangalore

about Organization.
PlayStreet, a resource center for children with special needs, invites applications from qualified occupational therapists (Masters/ Bachelors level). Details about our organization and job description have been given below. PlayStreet and Stepping Stones is a Special Education collaborative working towards inclusion, training, and rehabilitation of the special child. Our collaboration includes Diagnostic Clinic and Consultative Services, an ABA/VB intensive school program, and Play based Group Special
education program. Our collaborative has experienced professionals in the fields of school psychology, Applied Behavior Analysis, special education, speech therapy and occupational therapy. Our services range from intensive one-on-one therapies within our clinic and school to academic and behavior
support for children in an inclusive setting. PlayStreet invites applications from Occupational Therapists interested in working with children and adolescents with special needs. The therapist will work in the clinic to provide individual therapy and also consult with the behavior therapists and special educators in the classrooms to assist in helping the children meet their motor goals within the classroom.

An occupational therapist will be expected to perform the following tasks in our organization:
1.      Assessment and Diagnosis of Occupational Therapy (OT) needs and Sensory Integration (SI) related disorders.

2.      Providing treatment to children with OT/SI related disorders in individual and/or groups settings.
3.      Training parents in the strategies relevant for the child and prescribing home programs for parents to carry out after the therapy sessions.
4.      Conduct workshops for teachers and parents for creating awareness on OT/SI treatment.
5.      Consult with teachers and other therapists for OT/SI related activities to be given in classroom.
6.      Working with a team of professionals to provide team based and integrated treatment to the client.

Interested candidates please contact us at with your resume , for more information please visit us at
Information courtesy: Bindiya Shajith, M.Ed., PhD
Psychologist/ Clinic Director
PlayStreet, Bangalore

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