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In 1969, the Government of India approved a Scheme for giving National Awards to the outstanding employers of persons with disabilities as well as the most outstanding employees. The scope of the scheme has been amended whenever required keeping in view the changing scenario. 

Empowerment of persons with disabilities is an inter-disciplinary process, covering various aspects namely, prevention, early detection, intervention, education, vocational training rehabilitation and social integration etc. Apart from resources, it requires dedicated efforts of persons and institutions involved in the process of empowerment. In order to recognize their effort and encourage others to strive to achieve excellence in this field, separate awards will be presented to the best employees/ selfemployed with disabilities, best employers, best placement agency/officer, outstanding individuals, outstanding institutions, role models, outstanding creative disabled individuals and for best applied research/innovation/product development aimed at improving the life of persons with disabilities. Awards will also be given to Government Sector, Public Sector Undertakings and private enterprises for creating barrier free environment and providing accessible website for the persons with disabilities. The award will be conferred on the best district in the field of disability rehabilitation, best Local Level Committee of the National Trust, best State Channelising Agency (SCA) of the National Handicapped Finance and Development Corporation (NHFDC) and  best Braille Press also.2.2. Awards will be presented to outstanding employees with disabilities and outstanding persons with disabilities regardless of whether they are in public sector/Government or private sector.  Preference will be given to the placement of women with disabilities, particularly, from the rural areas and self-employed women disabled persons. Women with disabilities may be encouraged to send their nomination for National Awards.
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