Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Best Jobs 2012: Occupational Therapist rank 10

As one of the Best Jobs of 2012, this profession should see significant growth over the next decade

February 27, 2012 
The Rundown:
The No. 1 goal for occupational therapist  is straightforward: Help patients perform daily living and working tasks so they can live independent, satisfying lives. But beyond this chief objective, the field is quite diverse. Occupational therapists work with patients suffering from many conditions, including mental, physical, emotional, and developmental. Work environments can also vary substantially. Occupational therapists often work in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, schools, small medical offices, and even clients' homes. They help patients with a wide range of activities that are essential to daily life, including eating, cooking, dressing, and operating a computer. Occupational therapists work with patients that range from toddlers to the elderly. Maintaining copious records and assessments of a patient's progress is crucial to provide the best possible care.

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