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National Commission for Human Resource in Health Draft Bill 2011

Dear All
Reference invitation for submitting memorandum by standing Committee on Central Council i.e. National Commission for Human Resource in Health Draft Bill 2011 via Advt dated 8th Jan 2012 published in TIMES OF INDIA, I am hereby forwading you all a brief draft with main headings for submitting representation letter to below mentioned address.
Its a request to all Occupational Therapy professional to send as many representations as possible both from India & abroad
Dr Vijay Batra
The desirous of submitting memorandum to the Committee may send copies thereof, either in English or Hindi, to Smt.Arpna Mendiratta, Joint Director, Room No.222, Rajjay Sabha Secretariat, Parliament House Annexe, New Delhi-110001 [Tel: 23035428 (o), Fax.: 230120007] within 30 days of publication [8-1-2012] of the advertisement. Beside, those who are desirous of giving oral evidence before the Committee on the Bill are requested to indicate so, for consideration of the Committee.
Copies of the Bill may be obtained on requisition from Shri Dinesh Singh, Assistant Director (H & FW), Room No.218, Rajya Sabha Secretriate, Parliament House Annexe, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001 or download from the Rajya Sabha under the head `Committee’-sub-head-`Bill with the Committee and Press Release seeking opinion/ suggestions from public’.
The memoranda submitted to the Committee will form part of the records of the Committee and would be treated as strictly confidential and may not be made public as such an act would constitute breach of privilege of the Committee.
Source: The Times of India, January 8, 2012
Download the draft Bill of National Commission for Human Resources for Health :

format of latter 

Smt Aparna Mendiratta,
Joint Director
Room No. 222, Rajya Sabha Secretariat ,
Parliament House Annexe, New Delhi-110001

Sub: Memoranda for inclusion of Occupational Therapy Profession in Section 2 (w,x, z) of Draft Bill
National Commission for Human Resource in Health Draft Bill, 2011

Reference: -1] The assurance given by the then Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare on the Floor of House regarding formation of Separate Council for Occupational Therapy 28th April 1983.
2] Decision taken by the Hon’ble Minister of State Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to have an independent Council under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare with Separate Cells for Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists. 24th March 1988.
3] Budget estimate No. Z. 15011/5/3S-BP of Ministry of H & FW, Director General Health Services
4] Thirty First report submitted by the Chairman of the Department related Parliamentary Standing
Committee on Health and Family Welfare on the Paramedical and Physiotherapy Central Council Bill 2007 to Rajya Sabha 21.10.2008.

Respected Madam/Sir,
With reference to the subject mentioned above, I Dr………. Occupational Therapist /………… want to submit the instant representation. As you could see the subject mentioned above, clearly indicates the issue involved in making this representation.
 First of all I would like to invite your attention  to the term of OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY as in our Country unfortunately this profession is  neglected though it is helpful in all the avenues of life and although the said Profession is having its own  identity worldwide still it is neglected in our Country since long. We have been trying to ventilate our grievance regarding grant of due and legitimate recognition to the said profession by either forming a separate Central Council of the OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY or including Occupational Therapy as separate Department to the OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY in the said Council.
I am constrained to mention that for all these years the profession of OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY has received recognition in about 60 Countries however, in other Countries the said profession has reached to the zenith but at the same time although our Country is one of those Countries who recognize the profession still we are facing certain difficulties in getting the proper recognition due to the inaction on the part of Government.  
“Occupational therapy” means a specialized branch of medical health sciences to prevent, cure / treat or rehabilitate any physical, mental and psychosocial illness / impairment or dysfunction. It includes examination / assessment, prescribing investigation, interpretation, establishing OT diagnosis, treatment planning and implementation to any person for the purpose of preventing, alleviating / correcting or limiting acute & chronic illness / impairment, dysfunction or bodily malfunction via specialized assessment and treatment techniques, procedures and approaches.  
OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY includes sensorimotor developmental procedures & techniques in NICU; and techniques & procedures for facilitating healing and pain relief to facilitate normal sensory motor development, promote health & improving context specific functional performance abilities. It involves application of specialized evaluation / assessment techniques, procedures and approaches; Purposeful goal-oriented activity through latest technology, education and training in activities of daily living (ADL); designing, fabrication, prescription and application of assistive technology aids & appliances; , therapeutic activities, ergonomical modifications & environmental restructuring; prevocational & vocational evaluation and training & consultation provided to individuals or groups to both indoor and outdoor patient in order to achieve optimum functioning, prevent disability and maintaining health and functional performance abilities.
‘DEPARTMENT RELATED PARLIAMENTARY STANDING COMMITTEE ON HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE SUBMITTED THIRTY – FIRST REPORT ON PARAMEDICAL AND PHYSIOTHERAPY CENTRAL COUNCILS BILL 2007’ before Rajya Sabha on 21.10.2008. In the said report the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has in clear terms accepted the Error in the definition of OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY in the proposed bill and suggests inclusion of OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY with a new definition. The said committee on the basis of the aforesaid acceptance by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in Para 9.17 of the said report observed as under:
The Committee recommended that Occupational Therapy is an independent profession with entirely different course of study, mode of treatment and approach in treatment and rehabilitation of patients and cannot be directed nor can be merged with heterogeneous group of professionals like paramedics. The Committee was informed that both ‘OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY’ is a recognized discipline in educational institutions, Hospitals and medical institutions across the Country. The Standing Committee was also in consonance with the opinion of the Occupational Therapy professionals that there is a dire need of the formation of Central Council of “OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY”.
After the lapse of time the Government thereafter comes with a new proposed bill namely “THE NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR HUMAN RESOURCES IN HEALTH DRAFT BILL, 2009”. In fact, the said draft of the aforesaid bill comes like a bolt from the blue to the Occupational Therapy professional as there is not even a whisper of “OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY” in the entire bill.
The Occupational Therapy professionals have received a big jolt after going through the aforesaid draft as earlier the Government has categorically accepted that, the separate Council should be formed for “OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY”. Now in the proposed draft bill there is no mention of “OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY” at all. It appears government has again merged the Occupational Therapy profession with a heterogeneous group of professionals with intent to include them under paramedics which is unacceptable to Occupational Therapy professionals as well as to World Federation of Occupational Therapist and WHO.
 This is nothing but the most casual approach on the part of the Government as although it is well within their knowledge that, it is a persistent demand of the Occupational Therapy professionals for formation of Central Council for the “OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY” since long, still they have not even included the profession in the new proposed draft bill. However, now the Occupational Therapy fraternity is afraid that the profession of “OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY” would cease to exist in our country.
If the Government or the concerned authorities are of the view that the profession of “OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY” is not recognized then one can understand the callous attitude of the concerned authority or the Department. However, here is a case in which the authorities have categorically recognized the said profession and still are not taking any action for the betterment of not only the profession but for the betterment of public at large. If the National or Central Council for “OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY” is formed then ultimate beneficiary would be public at large along with the professionals of Occupational Therapy.
The Government from time to time also in principal agreed for that on various occasions, however, there is no execution of the same on the part of the Government for last so many years. In fact, the Government is not considering the issue as seriously as it ought to be. The technicalities put forth by the Government can be sorted out if Occupational Therapy profession is included in the proposed NCHRH Bill 2011as separate department.
I therefore once again humbly request the Government to kindly look into the aforesaid issue and do the needful at the earliest by taking appropriate steps in the interest of the profession of “OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY”.
(Dr )Resi: 


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